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The Myrna Ginsberg Philosophy

The trauma of turning the access to your house over to someone else and the thought of other people walking through it can be at times overwhelming.

Myrna, being fully aware of this condition has focused special attention to the way she handles properties for sale. To make sellers feel secure about the handling of their homes Myrna has implemented rules that are unique to her office. For example she doesn't give out keys, there is no way of knowing if other agents are fully trained to show and sell houses properly, instead she sets up appointments and makes it a point to personally show the properties she is representing. Your property becomes Myrna’s personal responsibility, she continuously makes sure all is in order after each showing, the property is locked and the utilities are off or set correctly according to the season (mostly keeping the heating correct in the winter).

The truth about a property for sale is important to Myrna, she will not walk into a house a say “This is spectacular” if in reality it is not. If a room needs painting, if some items need to be replaced in order to bring in thousands of dollars more on a sale Myrna will let the seller know and insist on making the necessary changes. All this based on her years of experience and successes selling properties in this area.
In some cases Myrna will suggest doing an appraisal before putting the property on the market, it is a good investment that helps prepare the seller to best understand what pricing they can get and help in decisions needed for a property they might be buying elsewhere.

Myrna experience has shown that most sellers here do not prepare their house properly before putting it up for sale, most brokers do not have the skills to walk into a house and comfortably give advise and say “You need to clean this up… you need to remove some of these items… if you are not selling the house with these items remove them”, in doing so Myrna is able to maximize the selling potential of a house while minimizing the likeliness of seller buyer conflicts in the future.

Myrna recommends that buyers first get qualified by a bank so they can explore homes comfortably and purchase a home they can keep.

Living in Sullivan County and the Catskill region area in a town home, a ranch or lake front property all create unique requirements when putting your property up for sale. Myrna's local experience and unique method of handling home owners their property and potential buyers will give you the best opportunity to have a smooth and successful sale.

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