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“Sullivan County is about our childhood roots, that is why we gravitate back to the area. Our fondest memories are about coming to the bungalow colonies and setting up summers here in the Catskill Mountains region. The space, the wide openness, the animals and not being in the city.”, Myrna Ginsberg

All these have brought Myrna to Sullivan County in the 1980’s to, what she thought was a house and a retirement. After moving here full time in 1986 Myrna found herself going back to school to find out what she could do with the property she had. After acquiring her license, so a friend who had a real estate agency asked her why not work at it. Myrna liked the idea of working on her own schedule, working with the public and being able to help match people to the right properties.

After moving from broker to broker Myrna decided to open her own office. She gave no thought to how successful or not the business might be, how long she would be in the business or to how busy she might be. Her new business became her life, working 24/7 on the phone morning and night giving her clients the best service possible.

Myrna’s decision to open her own office came about after trying to work with established agencies and not finding one that adhered to her way of working with clients. Myrna believes that every client whether they are selling or buying a fifty thousand dollar property or a five hundred thousand dollar property deserve the same respect and attention. Her philosophy is to find the right buyers for each house, if a buyer can’t afford to remain in a house she will not proceed with the sale. Being part of the community in which she sells it is very important to her that each buyer find a property that is right for the long term, in some cases it took up to five years to find a buyer the right property.

Myrna has developed a detailed method for listening to buyers, many times what buyers are asking for has nothing to do with what they are going to buy. For example some buyers come from the city and are looking for privacy, two trees for someone who is used to living in an apartment can seem like privacy. Understanding a buyers mind set, making a buyer comfortable and being able to answer their particular wants is what Myrna aims for with each new buyer.

Myrna has extensive information on the communities, demographics, facilities and anything else that should be considered when moving to a new community. She gladly gives this information to new buyers in addition to recommendations on how they can explore the area on their own.

By law there are some things she is not able to disclose but Myrna will direct a potential buyer to where the information is available. She has been asked if this is a mixed community, her favorite answer is “Yes it is, both men and women live here.”

Myrna is involved in many community associations and projects like the local YMCA, the local community services association, the Boys and Girls club and others. She likes to be involved in the community and this involvement further helps with matching buyers to the best homes and communities.
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